We feel it's important to celebrate those who are supporting us on our journey. We are very grateful for the generosity and creative support we received in 2016 to allow our work to be seen.
A huge thank you to:

Lucinda Riley, Sarah Henn, Ron and Barbara Cooke, Rosie O Sullivan, Matt Ingram, Ross Hunter, James Webster, Jack Cook, Laina Grimshaw-Brown, Ben Wilson, Bill Berger, Dennis Carter, Harriett Brand, Joe Winstone, Mike Rogers, Joanne Hartfield, Duncan Petrie, Hannah Burke, Dan Walsh, Caitlin Bothwell, Roel Kruize, Tom Cantrell, Terri Baker, Gabby Sappington, Tom Ballou, Adrian Rogers, Andrew Kyle, and Andre Robert Lee, James Powers, William H Mann, Heinz Henn, Sheridan Forbes


Also to YuStart and all of our anonymous donors!


The University of York

York Performance Award